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UOMB Vehicle

UOMB Vehicle

Founded in 2008 by government notice 672. A registered charitable faith based NGO under the NGO’s registration statute of 1989 under the trustee’s incorporation Act (cap 147) as the registered trustees of Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau. It’s the health technical arm of Uganda Orthodox Church. Serves as a liaison between Uganda Orthodox Church, government of Uganda, Donors and Member health institutions. It supports 19 health facilities affiliated to Uganda Orthodox Church.

The member health un include 19 units include: 1 hospital, 1 HCIV, 3 HCIII’s, and 14 HCII’s.

UOMB is one of the 4 religious medical bureaus’…Uganda Moslem Medical Bureau(UMMB), Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau(UCMB) and Uganda Protestant Medical bureau(UPMB).

The 4 networks contribute to 45-50% hospitals and about 43-45% total hospital beds and about 25% lower level health facilities.

UOMB members provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care to the Ugandan population regardless of ethnicity, religious creed, gender and socio-economic status. Approximately 90% of the member institutions are located in rural and poor communities. Like other private non-for-profit health service providers, these units represent an important social asset for the communities in which they are located as they have grown out of initiatives of congregations to address a self determined or identified need.

UOMB works with the jointly owned Joint Medical Stores (J.M.S) to increase accessibility to drugs and medical supplies for its member health units.

The UOMB secretariat offices are located in Kampala district, Rubaga division, Namungoona parish. The secretariat is currently located at its Permanent offices at the Uganda Orthodox Church Metropolis Headquarters.

Click here for the list of UOMB member health facilities.

Our History

Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau (UOMB) was founded in 2008 as a registered faith based Non- Governmental Organization under the Trustees Incorporation Act (CAP 165) as Registered Trustees of the Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau. UOMB Brings together Orthodox Churches in Uganda involved in Provision of Health Services. It serves as a link between Government/Development Partners and UOMB- Member Institutions and provides support to its members through capacity strengthening, coordination, lobbying and Advocacy, public relations and translation of government policies. UOMB seeks to improve the health status of people living in Uganda, especially the marginalized and the poorest of the poor, in fulfillment of Christ healing Ministry. Its Member Health Institutions are therefore predominantly located in the rural (underserved) areas. UOMB plays a complimentary role to the Ministry of Health. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the total services in the country are provided by the Private not for profit sector and its member institutions significantly contributes to this.