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Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau (UOMB) invites applications for services in developing UOMB strategy as per the TOR.

TOR for Completing the Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau Strategic plan.

I. Introduction
The Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau (UOMB) was founded in 2008 as the health technical arm of Uganda Orthodox Church. It serves as a liaison between Uganda Orthodox Church, Government of Uganda and member health institutions. As at 2017, it supports seventeen (17) health facilities with one (1) hospital, one (1) H/C IV, three (4) H/C III, and twelve (12) H/C IIs affiliated to Uganda Orthodox Church.

UOMB is the youngest coordinating entity for Private Not-For Profit (PNFP) health services delivery. It is one of the 4 religious medical bureaus with Uganda Moslem Medical Bureau (UMMB), Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB). 75% of all the faith based health facilities and institutions in Uganda are organized under the four medical bureaus. The core role of UOMB is to supervise, coordinate and monitor all health units under Uganda Orthodox Church. The Bureau also represents the collective interests of the Orthodox health network in external fora and spaces.

In order to enable the definition of the overall long term direction that will guide all resource allocation, UOMB is seeking services of a competent consultant (individuals/firms) to re-develop the UOMB strategic plan for 2017/18 – 2021/22. The overall purpose of the assignment is to clarify the core objectives in the overall long term plan agreeable to all key stakeholders of the UOMB.

II. Justification
UOMB has a strategy that focused exclusively on activities necessary to ensure its establishment. Over the last year, the Bureau has had significant transformation and has gone beyond the establishment phase. While the current strategy was developed when the major pre-occupation of the Bureau was to establish the start-up infrastructure in 2016, the Bureau needs now to refocus on its core purpose areas. The current strategy sets objectives around three strategic pillars relating to; a) Full Operationalization of the Bureau; b) Enhancing the Relevance, Visibility and Impact of the Bureau in delivery of health services under the auspice of Uganda Orthodox Council; and c) Adequate Resourcing of the Bureau and UOC health facilities. The anchoring of the strategy only on Bureau operationalization strategies has meant that the direction of the core purpose components of the Bureau like capacity strengthening of the orthodox medical network, engagement with Government or quality assurance for the Orthodox Medical Facilities, is ill defined.

Development of a more relevant UOMB strategy is a major step in ensuring an effective, accountable and sustainable Bureau as a health arm of the Orthodox Church in Uganda.

III. Scope of Work
The prospective consultant will:
1. Undertake the situation analysis of core objectives of UOMB.
2. Review the implementation plan for the strategy incorporating the core objectives
3. Review the performance management plan for the strategy incorporating the core objectives
4. Re – cost the strategy incorporating the core objectives
5. Finalize the strategy

IV. Duration of the Assignment
This assignment shall be completed within 20 working days – within the Month of January, 2018.

V. Reporting
The consultancy firm shall report to the Executive Secretary, Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau.

VI. Required Deliverables
1. An acceptable schedule of work and table of contents for the final revised UOMB strategy.
2. Draft reviewed UOMB strategy
3. Final, costed UOMB strategy

VII. Desired Qualifications
The consultancy firm/individual should have the following:
1. A team/individual with educational background in fields related to business/project/public/health management studies, organizational development/psychology or development studies.
2. Experience in supporting organizational development in either public or private sector institutions
3. Experience successfully handling and completing assignments of similar magnitude.

Deadline for submission of expression of Interest, Financial and Technical Proposal for undertaking the assignment is 16th.Jan.2018,
Submit all applications to
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